It's worth getting a sense of what other fora already cover sustainable living. One use would be to mine them for questions that aren't well-addressed in that format, but would be well-addressed in the StackExchange format.

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    I don't think 'mining questions' from other sites is a good idea. The best questions are usually practical questions about things you've encountered yourself. I do think it is good to build a list of SE sites and one for non-SE sites that have a large overlap with sustainability. The first list can be used to refer users to the appropriate SE site when a question is off-topic. The second list can be used to promote questions that have been asked here and hopefully draw new people to this site.
    – THelper
    Apr 26, 2013 at 10:54
  • Mining isn't really particularly helpful, but inspiration is a totally different story. Additionally, it's good to get to know your 'neighbors' - you definitely want to shoot for as good (if they're awesome) quality, or better if not. Additionally, where are they promoting? If you're going to get inspiration - that's definitely something to investigate.
    – Tim Post
    May 20, 2013 at 17:00

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http://permies.com/ - permaculture, defined very broadly. For example, solar power is on topic there.


LinkedIn groups

which may have interesting questions we could take here, and then point those groups to the answers here

Note that these are discussion forums and we are not. So most of the questions asked there, would not be appropriate questions for here. But some would.


The main competitor sites of Stack Exchange are Quora and Yahoo Answers!. Both have sections about sustainability-related topics:

Quora: (requires registration to read)

Yahoo Answers:

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