Have just found this SE and was reading through alot of the questions. I started editing a few questions to make for easier reading, as some of them are just a wall of text. I do have some experience of editing questions on other SE.

I noticed the one question I was editing, had been edited before. To fix a single typo. It was from a user with a fairly substantial rep, so they must know what is acceptable for this site. So it made me stop and wonder if I was going overboard and what this particular SE sites guidelines may be. Aside from the standard guidelines found in the [editing] page. I don't want to accidently rock the boat.

Are there any Sustainable Living SE specific editing guidelines? Any 'unspoken' guidelines that you may only find out through site experience.


There are no specific edit guidelines for this site. I think we have about a handful of people who occasionally edit other people's posts, mostly to improve the meaning of a question. It's rare to see edits just to improve typos. Generally speaking, walls of text are improved if it's a question, but if it's an answer people often don't bother.

I'm not sure why this is. I guess there aren't many people around who like to spend time on this.

BTW I approved both your edits. Thank you for improving this site.

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    Why edit questions but not answers? Because we have to share questions, but not answers. If I see a question with problems, I'm not going to create a duplicate question just to fix some formatting or typos. But if I see a bad answer, I'll definitely write my own answer and hope it rises to the top.
    – Nic Mod
    May 13 '18 at 23:13

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