What is, in your opinion, the best publication on environmental and climate news? I enjoy reading BBC Future articles about sustainable technologies and solutions (like this one). I often discover new, exciting things reading it. But it's not enough. What freely available publication do you suggest that combines a thorough scientific approach with an easy-to-understand journalistic style (like the Knowable Magazine, perhaps, but not the Nature journal that at times is tricky to comprehend)?

  • Hi Sergey, I'd suggest asking this question in the chat room for Sustainable Living, where just about anything related to sustainability is on-topic. But here on the meta site we try to keep questions on-topic and related to the Sustainable Living question site.
    – Nic Mod
    Jul 29 '21 at 22:18
  • @Nic It seems to be already there Jul 29 '21 at 22:24
  • You're right! All new posts on this Meta site are automatically cross-posted into the chat room.
    – Nic Mod
    Jul 29 '21 at 22:25
  • @Nic So do I need to do something on top of that? Jul 29 '21 at 22:35
  • Only if you want to continue the discussion, that's the best place.
    – Nic Mod
    Jul 30 '21 at 0:01

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