Questions and answers about natural solutions are on-topic if there is a link to sustainability, e.g. if the natural solution has less GHG emissions, less packaging, less pollution, etc. I agree that a natural solution in itself isn't necessarily more sustainable than any other solution. However, proving the reduced environmental impact of any solution, ...


I agree with the answer of EnergyNumbers. You can go either way with this. Questions about the UN sustainable development goals or about sustainable development in general are definitely on-topic here, so I think questions about modelling for SDG-related topics would also be on-topic. I also agree with EnergyNumbers that the current scope of the Open ...


I think you can certainly ask about data ("factual information") concerning the amount of energy per person for a (full) flight of a certain distance. I don't think we can tell you how to convince your friend of your ideas ("argumentation patterns").


I think it's a definite Maybe. I'm definitely in both spheres - my work covers a lot of the existing questions here, as well as the sort of things the proposal covers, so I'm pretty biased towards "Yes, it's covered here". I'm far from convinced that the proposal is a big enough community to support itself - there are a few dozen people that I know of ...


Yes, yes we should. We don't have sufficient rules on how to ask those questions in an SE-appropriate way, so they should be off-topic. If we decide to allow them we'd need specific rules as to how that works.


I also don't see how this can be off-topic. If we aren't defining sustainability as "sustaining an environment capable of supporting (human) life," then isn't the word pretty meaningless? Taking a long view of things, we're all headed for heat death anyway, so if our species' survival isn't a concern, it could be argued that anything is sustainable. Or ...


Yes, we want such questions on the site, as long as the question doesn't appear to be primarily posted to push a particular belief. It's a great opportunity to share knowledge that might cause the asker to rethink their views, in the case where they haven't considered the bigger picture (which is what sustainability is all about).

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