As you may have seen a while back, 59 sites left beta in December 2021, and Sustainable Living is one of those sites.

The linked Meta.SE post goes into all the details, but essentially this means that because we've been around for a while and met some criteria used to define a "healthy" site, we are able to shed our "beta" status.

There are a couple of things that are changing as a result:

  • The "beta" label has been removed from the site name
  • Another round of moderator elections will take place shortly (stay tuned!)
  • We're now eligible for the community ads program, which is a way to promote our site across the Stack Exchange network. When the program opens for 2022 we'll start a discussion here about whether to participate.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed here -- your questions, answers, and community moderation have made this possible.



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